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Nuttin to Do With Wine – Thursday October 18th, 2007

July 26, 2008

What a beautiful evening. I just cannot believe that this is mid October.  We went to Oktoberfest again and though the group had decreased in size it was a wonderful time. Kitchener, or really Berlin, does and excellent job with this festival and as usual we stayed at the Walper Terrace Hotel, which is over a hundred years old and went to the Transylvania Club for pigs tails, schnitzel, sauerkraut, music and of course beer. I just wish that a German brewery would sponsor it, but that's ok. We lost 2 friends due to illness, 2 to a wedding, 1 to moving, but had the last appearance of Mike. He's moving to Brazil to marry his carioca honey and this is his last one. I wonder if they have Oktoberfest in Brazil….I just wonder. A friend worked with a Japanese fellow from Brazil…his parents came after the war…coincidence?????  But anyway it was a great weekend to bond and allowed us to go to Joe Kools on the way back and eat pizza and….more beer…oh joy.

But the funny thing is that I came back really depressed and I apologize that I have been lately, which is causing me to be late for my posts too. Well last night, I had a few beers with friends at Kurley's. It was a usual night until I felt like I had a proverbial kick to my butt. It's funny because it was as if my mentor, who passed away last year and who is responsible for this blog was there(see my first post if you wonder). Joe was a wonderful friend who had no problem straightening me out when I needed it and often it was at Kurley's. It was if he was there and all of a sudden, I just saw the light and decided that though my world sucks in many ways, I am really blessed. I have a wonderful woman who has a great kid, great friends and have had the honor to have had 2 mentors, One has passed but the other certainly is alive and summers near ViewPoint and is good friends with John and is how I met John. He probably doesn't remember me, but I was sitting with Bob at the Boardroom before a Wings game…actually many games and John would come in and talk of his vines and wine etc. At the time I thought he was dreaming…but now I realize how good his dream was. That was about 5 years ago and Bob gave me a graduate degree in construction theory and if one has that guy as a prof…well its like having Art Laffer for Economics (a Nobel, but a real bad Shatner 5000 rug) but with real hair.

So anyways I am back and will be moving to the country soon…in stages, but getting there so I will certainly start going native and may start talking more of food and agriculture and country stuff too. And if Scotland beats Italy in Glasgow (beat France in Paris by the way), I may do my seminar next year at the wine fest in the family kilt!!!!!!

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