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Muscedere Cabernet Franc – Monday October 16th, 2006

July 26, 2008

To anyone who reads this, it comes to no surprise that I really like what the Muscedere brothers are doing down in Harrow. Not only do they make great wine, they get it. I mean the business side of this. They are open to ideas and in time I see them as leaders in the industry. That said, I am looking to another of their wines. This one is the Cabernet Franc.


I had it with my grilled lamb chops with grilled veggies( sweet potato, fennel, carrot, pepper and vidalia onion). All was done with herbes de provence and olive oil. It really complemented the lamb and I wouldn't hesitate to serve it to Liz if she was in town. As a corgi lover she would get along with Vlad, but Sasce could be a problem as she is in the biting stage but will ‘hopefully' end up being a ‘good kitty' when she grows up.


I am listening to Thelonious Monk: Live at the It Club(1964 vinyl). Great music and really great wine.


They make 2 reds: a Cabernet Franc and a Cabernet Franc Reserve which gets the oak treatment. I really like both, but this one is a little more cost effective so I am looking at this one today. The reserve will follow at a later date.


The aroma is really mild. There are no off odors, no twigs, vermin or the like . its not overpowering but smells like wine. Not like a Barolo, but lighter and fresher. I like the aroma.


To me the wine is very soft. It doesn't come out and grab you, it just does its thing. There is little acid bite, nor do the tannins come out to play. It is nicely balanced. Like the aroma it is mild and cultured. This is the type of wine I really like. It's funny because I like big whites and little reds. Give me gewürztraminer and pinot noir. Doesn't make sense but that is me. I really like this wine. it is just so much better than a comparably priced Aussie or Californian. It lacks the syrup texture of some of the ‘advertised' reds which to me is excellent. I have a friend whose love is a big chewy cab and he would hate this. He also buys 2 buck chuck too so he may be crazier than me. He says it isn't bad and can justify it for daily consumption. Funny thing is that most of the really good wine I have drunk is not chewy, it tends to be a little lighter with great fruit notes. Thickness isn't a necessary virtue.


The taste hangs around for a bit but it's nice. Again, all I can say is that I really like this wine. it seems that I am finding a trend in the local wines. Not terribly chewy but fresh fruity and ready to drink now. This just loves being aerated and smoothes out so much. The texture changes in a similar way to the Mastronardi. It becomes slightly fluffy but not as much as the Colchester Ridge. That one blew up like a pillow and became soooo much better. But this is so smooth after aeration.


To anyone reading this, make a trip to see them. Their wines are fabulous from top to bottom with only relative levels of quality. All are good but some are just better. I feel that way about their Riesling. I saw Sophia Loren stomping grapes with that one. This one I really like but no Sophia. Don't let that stop you as I would be proud to serve this to anyone.

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