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More Pinot Goodness – Tuesday March 13th, 2007

July 26, 2008

More Pinot Goodness


Well what winery came with the biggest hype, most labels and fanciest digs. Well, come on its easy….View Pointe. I had heard a multitude of rumors about the wine, the building etc and when it opened I was a little apprehensive.

I had had their wine at a Epicure a couple of years ago and wasn't impressed. Okay it was 150 out and the event is on asphalt ant tso was a little pissed at me. So it wasn't the best of times to taste test. When I saw that they were open we went in and I bought several bottles. On Sunday we met Tso's mum at the John R Park Homestead for the Maple Festival then took her to View Point. Now as per maple syrope….I just don't get how anyone came up with it. The sap tasted like water and in the old days you had to boil it down all night. A lot of work but it tastes good.

Well I left with a case, and of course there was Pinot in it and that's what I am drinking now. A word about the winery. It is not my taste in architecture but the result is nice BUT… change the racking. I cannot get the wine out easily and at some of the prices this is a problem. It could use some softening as I find it all rather hard…..but the wine is good.

I had some grilled salmon and asparagus with a tomato(why did I bother getting cardboard tomatoes..yuck)basil,boccacini salad. The salad was a waste of good cheese and olive oil but oh well. The wine went perfectly with it. It complemented the salmon without overpowering it. Very classy and it did ok with the salad too. There is no vinegar, one relies on the acid of the tomato, BUT these had no acid nor taste so wait till summer(note to self….you have ~ 3 months to figure out how to make fresh mozzarella).

The music was “live at Charlie's” by Mel Torme. This album is a rare gem as I managed to get a standard (yeah right its very limited production virgin vinyl etc) copy of the original direct to disc of his performance at Charlie's. This is definitely one I would have to take to the desert island. This matched the wine well, smooth cool. Then I put on some live Mingus. This did not. Charles Mingus was a musical genius who was eons ahead of his time. His music, though jazz reminds me of Bela Bartok's. A lot of dissonance and the dissonance didn't do the wine any good. So after a call from the ugly American who has a saint for a wife (uawasfaw) who absolved me from the paella disaster I put on some Roxy Music, Avalon to be exact and this too compliments the wine.

Now the wine. The nose is big and amazing. I pick out some oak, lots of fruit and berries and remember I aerated this so it muted the nose somewhat. The color is slightly tawny but still that pale reddy color that makes a Pinot.

The taste. Well it sucks….NOT. This is a wonderful wine it is light yet strong, with all the body of a proper Burgundian. I taste the fruit as it goes in then a whoosh of a wonder follow up. The aftertaste lingers like a good single malt. I taste the oak but it doesn't dominate, it just floats around. This is a very well made wine and is the best Pinot in the area and challenges any of the Niagara Pinots.

All in all I really like this wine and with the hint of tannins I think it may stand up to food better than most Pinots. I've had bigger, and yes better, but at the price of $20 it is a steal and I really enjoyed this wine.

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