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Misc Thoughts – Tuesday June 3rd, 2008

July 26, 2008

Last night I struggled thru another wine tasting. I am about ready to quit. What I have discovered is that either I have no taste whatsoever, or that these Bordeaux’s are extremely over-rated and over priced.

Yes I did like some of them, but at $70 it better be good. The Burgundies, yes they were good too…much better btw…but again at $70, they should be.

I just see massive snob appeal backing marketing. Like the amp designer who goes into the hills and meditates for 3 days before designing his amplifier and refuses to speak English to reviewers ( he is fluent but just grunts….you interview his assistant and he nods) just so he can charge double for his amps, I see the same thing. After some high dollar Bordeaux, I came home and opened a bottle of Crew. It not only stood up, it made me feel better and for less than half….hell yeah… the price. Is the French….” you can only grow grapes on this terroir” thing a myth? A couple of weeks ago I was listening to NPR when a geologist came on and spoke about a book called “Terroir”. He totally debunked the idea that the vines get the stone taste by the terroir. It was very interesting and will certainly get me an F.  BTW I don’t buy it.

Well l was really sickish last night and the first wine was so dreadful I was looking for the STP label…..well the 2nd was wonderful…ooops it was corked…I faux pas’d big time…well the first was sooooo bad a corked wine tasted good…ouch..btw I am drinking Marynissen right now and am very happy.

Now the instructor is doing a very good job so I can’t blame him. The text is by my ‘favorite’ wine expert. She will stay nameless but I used to love to watch her show and heckle her….typical English know it all….oi…I’m not being nice am I 

So I’m having flashbacks to my Business degree…oi me taking a Labor Relations course from a woman who didn’t shave her legs. When I questioned her on the relevance of the Flint Sit Down Strikes and the Rouge fun to modern labour relations in the auto industry, she cringed and didn’t know about them……it was at U of Windsor…oi.  Well she called me at home and assured me that my “political” views would not damage my grades, I should have run…..I was in a class of union reps and well I felt kinda out of place…..hell I am pro union (gets me a higher rate) but I felt like a fascist. I feel that way now…but I am older, wiser and more of a bastard….I’ll just sit in the back and plot…..maybe I’ll lie and tell them that I only drink a real expensive wine that is unavailable except at this wonderful wine store in Highland Park…hell the kid was espousing how he likes to drink Chateaux Y’quim at about 3 bills a bottle, or the woman who loves Opus 1….I suggested she get some Il Bastardo (actually really really good)…she was horrified. I loved it. 


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