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Meritage – Sunday February 17th, 2008

July 26, 2008

This week has flown by. It’s Thursday (ok its now Sunday)  and this is the first chance that I have been able to sit down long enuff to write this.

The weekend was a disaster. I finally managed to get Terry to allow me to install my dishwasher. A five minute job I thought. Five trips to the local Home Hardware in Essex and 2.5 full days later it was done. Terry’s brother installed her dishwasher about 9 years ago and well installed it like a gas fitter would. Very different from a plumber or any other species of intelligencia. Well, I had to demo the whole thing and then proceeded to run a new water line. That went rather well and after a trip to Windsor and getting my grinder I was able to free the water supply from the machine. So getting the water done meant I needed a drink and food so it was off to Calabria. Its close and we like it.

New to the menu is a lamb skewer antipasti. It was great and was a value. Lamb, roast peppers, feta, olives……very nice and a super value. Oops the lamb is LOCAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it was time to close so John decided to open some wine(all his wine is local). It was the new Meritage from Sprucewood, we tasted at the opening. Would I refuse the wine……no no no no…. The wine was very nice. The nose is wonderful. Lots of fruit and just really nice.

The taste was wonderful. This wine is very well balanced and is just so nice. It was truly enjoyable and all three of us just liked it alot.

The one problem is that it is just too light to be a Meritage. Its a great wine and would be wonderful if it wasn’t a Meritage. To me and most people a Meritage should be a BIG chewy wine that is made for a big steak. This wine is just wonderful to drink by the fire. It would be wonderful with a roast, beef bourgunione  or where a heavy Pinot would work. We all commented that it was a proper upper end for their line of wine. It is just right for that.

All in all, we all enjoyed the wine. Thank’s John.

Oh yeah…Sunday was more fun and at 6 I realized that I had a wrong fitting. Duct tape over the waste tee (to keep the stink in) until Monday’s trip and well $150 later my dishwasher works. I’m still knackered!

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