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Meanderings – Monday June 2nd, 2008

July 26, 2008

Well, since the Meritage fest I really haven’t been able to review any wine so I’ll give you some quick thoughts on some.

Really good:

Marchesi di Montechristo     Nebello del Bastardo 2002   this wine is wonderful and cheap… a great bargain which I wold happily serve an of my friends… Sir Rod went off the wagon to this wine and blamed me for recommending it. Big full and red…great with pasta and big food…aerate the hell out of it

Marynissen   Cabernet/Merlot 2002  this wine is from one of Niagara’s oldest vineyards and is wonderful. Stylistically similar to the great Bordeaux wines which Mr Parker loves. Not fruit forward and just wonderful…and a bargain…available at LCBO so get some

Lailey  Riesling 2006   another winner from Niagara. We showed up at 5 minutes to closing and we were still treated ok. They remembered us from the Wine Show and they make great wine. A wonderful Riesling.

Oyster Bay   Sauvignon Blanc 2007 An archetypical Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough. Grassy notes and fresh fruity flavor. Serve with seafood or drink alone. I always loved this wine and it seems to have dropped in price.

Erie Shores  Reserve Cabernet 2005  An oakfest which I really think will get way better with age. Its very good now and would pair great with beef.

CREW Cabernet Sauvignon  2005 this is their Big boy and is a great wine if you love big chewy reds. Serve with red meat or game and be very happy.

Muscedere  Sauvignon Blanc 2007  this is a very big Sauvignon Blanc. So different from the Oyster Bay. More French in style and will work wonderful with food. I would suggest bigger seafood and chicken/fowl.

Remo Farina Ripasso 2004 different wine which is a special wine available only from the Veneto, specifically Valpolicella. New wine is laid over the pressings of Amarone (nirvana in a bottle) and gives alot of bod to the lightish Valpolicella. Great wine…we had it with Bolognese. Went wonderfully.

Well that’s some of what I am drinking. All very nice and available locally. They won’t embarrass you and all taste very nice.

BTW summer is here so its Vinho Verde time and please buy the cheap stuff as its actually better. Lickbo raised the price so now its about $8.50. Such a pity. Goes great with Paella and seafood or on its own, but keep it cold…..not good at room temp.


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