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Mastronardi Cabernet Franc – Sunday February 18th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Well it seems that it has been about a month since I went to Mastronardi and had such a good time talking with them. Well,Tso cleaned up for me last Saturday as we had friends over for dinner. The meal was an unmitigated disaster and whats worse is that I can't find a lot of the wine I bought on that outing. I would hazard to guess that it: 1) it was drank(likely) or 2) tso requisitioned some( i know she wouldn't do that) anyhow, I guess I either drank some or its here and I just can't find it.

Right now I am drinking an 2004 Cabernet Franc. On my first visit (about a week after they opened) I didn't see it but anyhow it was really nice to find.

Last night Tso and I grilled some lamb chops( it wasn't that cold) so I had the last two tonight with some asparagus risotto. The lamb worked out pretty good and warmed up quite well.

Music is from a wonderful Canadian singer, Holly Cole. I remember her from when I lived in Toronto and she always seemed to be playing the Senator. There was no way I could afford going there so I've never seen her yet I've enjoyed her talent for years. She can be described as a “torch singer” which seems to have come into vogue, yet she was doing this in the 80's. She's recorded a lot of music and just like most east coast musicians, she is diverse and adventurous in her music.

Now the wine. When I smelled it I was immediately hit with fruit. To me I smelled raspberry and a hint of vanilla. I see that the oak was used very sparingly as it just doesn't stand out but I am sure its there. Like all Cab Francs it isn't a big wine but has a lovely color that this grape gives.

The taste is where it shines. I was a little worried pairing it with lamb as I hit it pretty hard with Herbes de Province prior to grilling, but as the Muscedere Cabernet Franc Reserve did last night this wine held up quite nicely. Again, drink what you like with food. There are some basic no no's, like perch with a Barolo but within reason its much better to like what you are drinking.

This wine is very good. Simple I could quit here. This region produces so many good Cab Francs and this one is right there. I really like this as it has the fruitiness and complexity that I like. There is no hint of any harshness and the flavor just hangs in there. Not overpowering, but really nice. I am not sophisticated enough to break down all the tastes but they its all here. As with all Cab francs, this wine isn't heavy. It is not a huge wine but as with any good wine it is there. Even if you 'must have' Australian Shiraz ( oi matey its really sirah) try this as you need to explore more. Like all local wine I find it to be a bargain compared to imported wine. All in all, this wine is a testament to the wine makers ability.

It went so well with the lamb and the music. Holly Cole is mellow and the wine just works with this and the food. I would happily drink this wine with friends sans food or serve it with a meal. Head to Colosanti's and just cross the street you will find yourself in a great spot for wine.

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