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March Restaurant Review – Sunday March 16th, 2008

July 26, 2008

This months restaurant review is one you wouldn't expect. Terry and I love good Mexican food and we were once told that the Mexican food in Leamington is good. We tried to find some and the were always closed, then one day we tried an unlikely choice….Family Kitchen.

Is it just another family restaurant serving up mediocre fair…… not really. First is the choice of food. Mexican, Mennonite and Canadian. Well this should be interesting.

Historically Mennonites are a Religious group that is very prominent throughout Southwestern Ontario. But Mexican???? Well a colony from Winnipeg up and moved to Mexico in the early part of this century. They have been trickling back and many live here…..hence, Mexican food.

The Mennonite food seems very similar to German food and I bet it is good, but we haven't gotten past the Mexican.

The restaurant is very clean and simple. Do not go there if you want atmosphere but if you like good food… well.

The wine list is simple and local. All Pelee Island and all priced nice. Nothing special but local. 

The food is wonderful. Salsa and chips were delivered quickly. The Chips were fresh and hot and the salsas were very good. Fresh nice and seem homemade. Good start!

Our food arrived quickly. We both had chimichangas, Terry's beef and mine chicken. Her beef was actually pulled and she liked it alot. My chicken was very good too. The taste was fresh and clean. A note is the colour of the chimichangas. I have never seen them so light brown. These are deep fried tortillas and the don't have the dark brown greasiness of the ones I've had in Detroit. These were wonderfully done. Excellent! The rice and beans were also…'Fresh'. Thats the best way to describe them. The taste was so clean compared to what I am used to.

Service was excellent. Our waitress was nice polite and just seemed to want to be there.

Then there is the guacamole. This is stunning, simply the best we have ever had!

Well price….don't worry about it. Dinner was $32 with 4 beers included and salsa and guacamole take away…I like that!!!

Simply put, forget about going to Detroit and go to Leamington ( 73 Erie..south of the 4 corners) for your Mexican fix. The taste and quality are simply heads and shoulders above any other Mexican I have had. There might not be as much on the menu but what they do they do very well.

I give them an 80.


Cleanliness:   Excellent

Menu:   Different to say the least. Limited Mennonite and Mexican choices but more Mexican

Portion Size:   Ample

Food:   Very Good

Wine List:   Good value for money

Value for Money:   Excellent

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