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Local is Better – Tuesday August 15th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Well I guess I've went on this before but here goes. I really think its incumbent on the people in an individual area to try to support the local suppliers as much as possible. When it comes to food and wine, I think we should do it with zeal.


Under no pretence am I implying that I will not consume imported wine. this is extremely far from the truth. We just can't seem to grow a lot of grape varieties nor should we limit ourselves. Italian reds: these simply exist in their Italian-ness, they are what they are due to the nature of the Italian people interacting with their environment. That is why a California sangiovese isn't a Tuscan no matter  how good it is.


What I am saying that local food , local wine make for better living. Do we make wine at a level of say, opus one?? Nope but our wines can be bought at an attainable price and are real world.


Well Saturday tso, they yute and I went out to the country and through our travel bought some tomatoes, basil plants (mine had gone yuckky) cukes, melon corn beans all on the cheap. On top of that we met a wonderful older lady at the fruit stand who was just so nice. Well what did it get me?? Grape tomatoes that we ate like candy. They still had dirt on them (we cleaned them off by the way). These were so different from the dreck one gets at the supermarket-they just tasted of tomato properness. Well we took the full size which were nowhere as good as the grapes and made a boccacinni, basil(purple from my garden) tomato salad. Well 2 of 3 ingredients were local and by the way – why ain't there no artisinal cheese makers in the county??????????? Olive oil- well good Spanish. But here we are this was good. I could have bought store basil (ok but too expensive) or the basil in a jar but this was soooo much better.


I mean we owe it to the farmers bakers et all to support them. If their quality isn't there yet they will improve if we push them a wee bit. Same with the wine. I served a fine red from Smith and Wilson with a roast we turned on the grill. It did a wonderful job and tasted great. And besides I think smith and Wilson could use the sale a lot more than Gallo. The money stayed local and will help keep our economy going.

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