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Just a Little Rant – Thursday July 13th, 2006

July 26, 2008

This is something that really bothers me: the temperature that wine is served.


Why do people actually think that red wine should be served at kitchen counter temperature? My kitchen is hot and I don't like 80* pinot. Guys, get it together. Red wine is served at cellar temperature, that is mid 60's. yes cool, not cold cool. Chill them for a while and enjoy them much more. AERATE TOO.


Whites are to be served chilled, NOT EFFIN COLD. You serve that crummy Mexican beer with a lime as cold as possible. This does not apply with a Chablis, Riesling, fume, or even chardonnay.


Please treat your wine with love not abuse. Just like a fine ale, the temp is critical. Guinness at room temp is not good though better than at bud temps. I have bought extra Boddingtons so that when I got to the 2nd pint it was the right temperature. I've also ordered my wine at a restaurant and have them set the red in the ice chest while I had a Manhattan or two. That way I could enjoy the wine although the wait staff were perplexed a wee bit.


Rant over.

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