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It’s Summer Now!!!!!! – Monday April 7th, 2008

July 26, 2008

It’s officially warm again!!! Terry and I had the official spring starter…..Summer Sun on the patio. Yes good times rolled again.

I find this wine is just so right for my palate. Its happy, light and fruity. That was my last bottle so I need to go pay Harvey and Alma a visit.

Now, don’t look down your nose at Rose. Its not a 'great wine', but it is fun and just wonderful to have on the deck. After a long search we just fell in love with this wine. To me it means summer is coming.

Now is it that good?? After it we had a bottle of Argentinean Sangiovese Rose. It came from Opimium so its not readily available. This is a good thing. It had an odd colour and taste. It wasn’t pink it was almost crimson and it tasted like brandy. Not good at all.

Sunday was nice too and as we had a snack on the deck so we opened some Stellar Secret. This is the other Rose from Erie Shores and it is a nice foil to Summer Sun. I still like Summer Sun more but this is good to. It exudes fun.

Aroma…..who cares…..body….nice and light. OK there’s the review.  Go get some and enjoy!!!

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