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It’s Open and Worth the Wait – Sunday November 26th, 2006

July 26, 2008

As much as I would like to be a respectable member of society, I was educated and have worked for many years as an engineer. What that means is that I am a member of a very small fraternity. We a tend to be exacting perfectionists who can drive people crazy but tend to be invaluable to society. Allan Park Pete (Mechanical Engineer) has taken the Martini as one of his crusades. Vermouth, gin sometimes vodka and an olive. Add some secrete stuff, et voila, a thing of beauty. I simply cannot approach his and I have no idea why. He researches, tests and develops religiously.


What does this have to do with wine. Well, Sprucewood Shores is a winery which is dominated by engineering talent. Why is this important to me? Well as I have said engineers are bright, exacting, but most of all, are innovators and this makes me believe that engineers should be able to make superior wine.


Oh yes, they are now open. Tso and I were there Saturday and it was amazing the response they had. It was very busy, but no real signage or advertising. This my friends is a very soft opening. I guess alot of people like me had kept an eye out for the opening and have taken a drive thru to take a look. I cannot recall the poor fellows name but he worked extremely hard and those two lovely ladies from Detroit were sooo nice and a joy to have a drink with.


The buildings are as beautiful close as they look from a distance. Though not quite finished they are gorgeous and the view from the upper floor will be wonderful in the spring and summer. They have done a wonderful job.


Now the wine. A full review will follow in time, but lets go through the offerings.




Pinot Noir: an 04-from tasting it was quite good and a nice color. Tasty too. Thank you for making a Pinot.


Cabernet Duo: an 04 -a Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon blend-very nice


Meritage: an 04-tso really liked this and I think this could be great with a roast


The beauty of the reds is that they are all quite balanced and when oaked, not overly done and I like wine that way




Riesling: tso and I both liked it and I am waiting to open a bottle-this one has potential


Chardonnay: tso and I split on this one. She really liked it and I was ok with it.


Overall I was very impressed with this winery. The structure is very nice and will be a hotspot for weddings and parties. The wine, well if this is the first offering, it is amazing. They have done their homework and I expect great things from them in the future.


Oh by the way, I left with a six pack. 3 Pinots, 1 Duo, 1 Meritage and a Riesling. I am looking forward to opening them.

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