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I’m Glad I’m Poor – Wednesday March 14th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Sometimes I really wonder about people in general. They just don't get it.

Yesterday, in the Post was an article featuring Mr. Parker's scoring system and how ludicrous the system has become. As expected, people now buy wine by the number rather than the taste. I can just hear some nouvelle riche couple saying “ Buffy darling, what wine would you like to have with our fois gras burgers? Oh Skip I think we should have a 96 at least.”

This is so stupid it isn't even funny. The nouvelles have ruined Single Malt Scotch, cigars and now are having a go at wine. Not happy enuff with their rape and pillage of the good wine, these same cretins now trade wine as commodities in London and use Parker's scores as the trading unit. Well this should take some money out of their trust funds.

I'm sorry that I am ranting, but wine shouldn't be an investment vehicle. It does have a shelf life so at best it is like trading futures (a pastime not for the feint of heart). Prices will vary greatly and in the end the producers will be hurt. They will make a lot in the interim but the whole market could be ruined.

Just remember wine is to be enjoyed. Like music, good food and friends. Turning it into an investment is blasphemous to me. Please enjoy and don't take me or anyone else too seriously. I don't know your tastes and if it was up to me and my out of 10 system: Alsatians would get 11(just like Nigel Tufnel's amp), Pinots 10 and Australian's 2 . Read me for fun and maybe to find you a gem but please don't ever, even if I am made King, trade on my like and dislikes, just drink wine with you friends and enjoy.

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