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I’m Back – Tuesday September 5th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Well, I'm back. Sorry I didn't write anything last week but I was really disturbed by a few issues which would have made my blog political which is definitely not what I want to do.


Anyhow, what a weekend. tso and the yute dragged me out into the country again. Not only that, they got me to the Harrow Fair. Now this is the second time that they have managed this. What is funny though is that I really like to cook, love to forage for my foodstuffs but have no idea what the raw material really looks like.


Cows are bloody ugly. These I have no problem whacking and eating. Chickens are dirty birds so that goes for them too. However, little piglets are cute and don't look stupid. They are inquisitive, playful and stinky. Well the stinky part finishes them for me so goodbye piglet, hello ham steak. Now I run into a problem with goats and sheep. Not only are they kinda cute but the don't stink. Therefore, I have issues with them. On second thought I love leg o lamb and goat curry, so bye bye.


Well I feel better now.


After my deadly brush with nature (got some unidentifiable poop on my shoe) we went winery hunting. Finally, found Muscedere. Yup they were actually a) found and b) open. It was worth it. Read on McDuff the review is my next post.


TSO and I did some restaurant hunting on Sunday and Monday and could give two thumbs up for both.


Sunday, tso had a small shoot so we headed up to Old Tecumseh Rd. Well, I noticed the Sandbar there and suggested a libation. She protested that we must wait till after she completed her anointed task. So 15 dreadful minutes later, we returned for a wee dram. I will have to say that they have done a nice job with the décor. The menu was longer than I like but I realize that they have to serve a variety of patrons so that's ok. We ordered some appetizers and they were quite good. I wanted mussels and tso the shrimp. Both were fresh and quite cost effective. My only complaint was the wine list as the usual Australians could easily have been replace by locals at absolutely no lessening of quality and would have been cheaper. Anyhow, tso wants to go back and I have no issues.


Now Monday's find was really good. tso knew about this fish restaurant by Point Pelee. Well she takes me thru some back roads, which made me think I was in Appalachia. Really sad. We were riding up on old dykes and the fields were just black bottomland but real muddy. The homes that dotted the are were awful, really sad. However, after I navigated what seemed to be around 500 miles of these goat trails we ended up at Point Pelee then I get the traditional "THERE". Well I was passed it, as usual so I turned around. The place is Paula's and man it's good. We had a pickerel and perch sampler and I was amazed to just how good lake fish can be. I asked and yes, the fish comes daily from the lake. Good work and the wine–PELEE ISLAND. Yes my 2nd place that features local wine and local food. Two stars for you and guess what the food was superb. This wasn't Michelin 4 star type food but boy was it good. Best of all– it wasn't expensive. We definitely will go back. She has the right idea. GOOD WORK!!!!!. We sat beside this lovely couple who had gone to Stratford then there for some food and liked the area wineries: guess what-they were from Ohio. Yup they came all the way here for plays, food and wine. We can do it, and I bet their demographics are exactly the people we want to have visiting. I really doubt that they were on assistance.


Well I hope your weekend was as good as mine and hope to see you at the wine fest this weekend.

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