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I thought the world ended in 2000 – Monday April 2nd, 2007

July 26, 2008

Tonight has been fun…see my advice so I needed a drink. Along with a steak I decided a nice bottle of wine would help too. A big wine…yup…oops none in the wine fridge. So what do I have???

A nice 2000 Cab Franc from Pelee Island. If you have been to the winery you know that they make a lot of great wine that is only sold from there. I particularly like the Meritage and have a Gewurtztraminer waiting that was recommended by someone who knows.

This wine is rather interesting. When I tasted it I thought that I would either love it or hate it. I really still don’t know.

This wine is very oaked and is just too much for me but I still kinda like it. It held up to my steak well and is truly a good wine.

The aroma to me is oak. A lot of oak. The taste is oak too. I just taste oak, with a nice wine behind it. This is opposite of the Aussie beaver fare but still not me.

Buy some and see if you still have rodent tendencies…just joshin… its not bad and if you like oak this is your thing. Its really smooth and is oaky. I am finishing this happily.

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