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I Have Power! – Wednesday September 5th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Amazing but my lights are still on. No lightning this week so I guess I am safe for now. I have one amplifier left so I’m roughing it and it sounds quite good anyway.

Tonite, I need to relax and so for that the music of choice is Mel Torme and George Shearing..A Vintage Year which was recorded at the Paul Masson Winery in California. This is appropo for two reasons. One is that this album is great (vinyl) and the wine’s producer stages music at their vineyard.

Dinner was local corn cut from the cob(this may be the last of tastes good but looked awful) sauteed in butter, and beef tenderloin stuffed with prosciuto, sage and goat cheese. It’s a reheat from the weekend when I grilled it. Yup, it’s leftovers, but good leftovers.

On Saturday night, Terry and I had Muscedere’s Cabernet Franc (excellent) with it and so tonite I wanted to try another. It’s been too long for me to try this one so here it is… Mastronardi’s Cabernet Franc 2004. I’ve been really wanting to try this as its been here for ages and it kinda went to the back of my wine cooler, so here it goes.

The aroma is luscious and deep. I get tones of dark fruits..prune plums(I love them) and it smells so smooth..kinda like the Velvet Fog. This wine is made for Mel Torme. I know some of you are snickering but the man was a wonderful singer and had a great sense of humour.

The first thing that I can say is that the Colchester pepper is not there. So my theory is taking shape as this wine isn’t spicy like the southwestern four’s.

To me there are just enough tannins to keep it interesting but they don’t get you, that’s good and there’s enough to stand up to food.

The taste just seems to grow as I drink it. Its analogous to really good hot food as it doesn’t hit you it sneaks up on you and lingers. Wonderful fruit, smoothness and a warmness that hangs about. I taste the fruit, plums and a wee wee bit of the base earthiness that makes a Cab Franc a cab franc and not a cab frank…inside joke.

It has enough body to hang with food and just went so well with the beef and just seemed happy when I got some sage and goat cheese with the meat. Like any Cab Franc it isn’t a ‘Big" wine but this wine exudes class and further enhances my belief that Cab Franc is the red of this area.

Unaerated it is just so different. I realize that aeration affects the nose in a negative way but this wine exploded when I tried some sans aeration (I held a glass back). Not as deep, more fruit and a bright aroma (can’t place it). Still very nice, but I like aerated better.

The taste spectrum moved far forward and that lovely lingering is overwhelmed. It’s still very nice but aerate this wine…it has class and legs and really really tastes good.

So I would serve this wine to anyone and I am more than happy to drink it on its own. Don’t waste it on an over spiced dish, but let it shine with a nice cut of beef, boar, venison or lamb. Life could and would be very nice. As typical with them they have produced another excellent wine and a value as its just a joy to drink.

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