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I Drank This Wine During My Seminar – Monday September 24th, 2007

July 26, 2008

I love harvest time. This is when the world seems right and pumpkins are everywhere. Just wants me to watch a Snoopy special.


What's even better is that is WILL be a banner year for wine. Mark this one down as it could be one of those special years. This is when we will be showing the world what can be made here. Kudu's to Rob Muscedere for the piece on the Windsor Star site.


Well tonight I am having a wine that a friend actually left my seminar to buy more. For that I forgive him . His wife liked this one a lot and he liked the Mastronardi version. Both have great taste as this is one of my favourites.


Gewürztraminer is a grape native to Alsace. It is somewhat similar to Riesling, but it has that wonderful spicy character that Riesling doesn't have. Take all the cues for Riesling then add pepper, hopefully lots of pepper.


Music tonight started with William Shatner's fabulous album, Has Been. Don't laugh as he did it with Ben Folds and Joe Jackson is on it along with other cameo's. The album is thoughtful and entertaining. After dinner is Chanchullor, by Rueben Gonzales, which is part of the Buena Vista Social Club group of albums. Great Cuban jazz. Just wonderful.


Food was some Pollock I breaded (very cajunny) and pan-fried and tossed over a salad. I made the dressing from pistachio oil and lemon juice over baby greens. It worked rather well and the wine stood up to the stronger flavours quite well and the lemon elements mated well with the citrus notes in the wine.


Well the wine…..CREW's Gewürztraminer. If you remember last years. It was quite California in taste. This years is head and shoulders better.


The aroma is wonderful with just gobs of citrus fruits. Mango's come to mind. Very very fresh smelling. It is a wonderful pale yellow, kind of like straw.


Now the taste……..This wine is very citrussy. It could overwhelm the unsusspecting, Actually we found someone on Sunday at the Wine Fest who just didn't like. Suited me fine as she let Terry and I have a lot of it. It's very floral too and yes the spice is there. Not a lot of pepper, like some Alsatians but present to offset the fruit…remember mangoes like pepper, but I have issues with mangoes after the tiger scene in Apocalypse Now…..saw it on an IMAX screen and mangoes have a flashback element for me..oh well.


The mouth feel is excellent as the wine has a feel. It hangs around and lingers. I just don't like astringency and this wine isn't it isn't quite round like me but its on the path. Mouth feel to me is very important. Mario Batali talks of unxiousness, that wonderful mouth feel one gets when adding some parm early to the pasta sauce then adding some at the end. Its that wonderful feeling. Try a good Alsatian cos they have in droves.


Well this wine is a keeper. The citrus allows it to go great with fish and the spiciness allows one to branch out to where beer only went before. I had Cajun and it worked so this wine is very food friendly. I am really going to have to serve their with some Singapore Noodle cos I think it would stand up to the spice and fish sauce. Now don't worry about pairing to a milder dish as this wine will complement just about any white wine friendly food. Think of what you would serve Riesling with and then substitute this one.


Well it also goes good with Cuban jazz too.

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