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Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!! – Thursday November 29th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Congratulations are in order to Harvey, Alma and their family over the 5th anniversary of Erie Shores Winery. They started when it wasn't really sure that the wine region would fly (very brave) and they are such great people. We enjoy just visiting their winery, as they are just so nice and positive. I suggest you go to their winery offer your best and try their wine.

Tonight, Myles is at band, Terry was on the computer and I was watching footie news(no music as she is working) so I wanted some wine. I've had an awful week so an old friend was needed and I found it in Erie Shores Cabernet Reserve.

Well this is new, but I just love these guys so it's like an old friend anyhow. It's a Cabernet Franc, which is good too. Its also their first Reserve wine and is a real reserve and not just a marketing ploy….good for them.

Our first impression was a very jammy nose, like a Merlot, but as it warmed a wee bit more, it took on different hues. I smelled a lot of oak, earthy tones and black fruit. As I am a city boy I can't say it was a prune plum from the 5th and the Arner but I smelled black plumminess. Very nice.

We has a chunky pasta for dinner: sausage, peppers tomatoes with a nice penne. Terry made it and I liked it a lot. The wine was able to cut through the sauce and held up well, a very food friendly wine.

Looking at it, it is very dark….kinda like blood (note to self…find a copy of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter soon….a Canadian classic).

This wine is quite different than I expected from Erie Shores. Not to say they can't make a great wine…they can…but it is really BIG. Terry thought it was from D'Angelo….enuff said. I found it big like the good Niagaras, that is big but not offensive…kinda like a Viking who finds Buddhism. Lots of oak, but not overdone…nice tannins too…I still feel my tongue (not like some Niagaras where I couldn't feel my toes). I get those dark fruits I smelled, some earthy tones, but I really don't get pepper….very strange…I taste a wee bit but I may be looking for it..

This my friends is a great wine. It's got enough umphhh to stand up to food, but I could easily drink it alone. Lay it down and I think it could be a real gem…Hey its great now!!!!

Well Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

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