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Finally I Got There When It Was Open! Tuesday August 22nd, 2006

July 26, 2008

Well I finally got here. I've tried several times and every time they have been closed.


As everyone should know, Colchester Ridge  is in Colchester: duhhhh. Well they are right by Viewpoint and down the road from Erie Shores. This area must have something as by next year there will be 4 wineries in the area with Colio and Muscadere in the general vicinity therefore the highest concentration in the county.


Anyhow that's great for someone like me who must have been a forager in a previous life. I just can see myself roaming the highlands, frollicking in the heather while I looked for truffles. That was probably fruitless and stupid which then would have resulted in finding the local still, drinking whisky, stealing cattle (an honorable job in the highlands by the way) and playing the bagpipes.


Well anyway, the produce down there is outstanding. As peaches and apples are great farther east the green stuff is excellent down there. I always enjoy a good tour down that way. Harrow is starting to grow on me. That my friends is very scary. When I lived in Toronto I had a belief that if the subway didn't go there neither did I. It worked for me as I could walk to Kensington Market, and even to the Duke of Kent if I felt ambitious or I could take TTC. Here I have issues with crossing Walker Road. Why go east when the west side has everything I need. Now going out into the country causes me to  cross Walker Road maybe several times so it causes me great angst. Well I saw canoe in a dollar store down there so I feel much much better.


OI, where am I going with this??? I have no idea. So I just poured myself another glass of wine ( Pinot Noir – the reserve from Pelee Island-quite good I like it a lot) and am getting back to work.


Well getting to the winery buildings is a beautiful ride. It's about ½ a mile through the vines and is really pretty. At the end of this drive is a group of buildings and a really cute retail store, inside the last one. It's right among the vines which I think is wonderful.


I was there during the Viewpoint event so the owners weren't there. A very pleasant young lady was manning the store and did a wonderful job. We felt very wanted and she was happy to show us their wine.


They are very new and have opted to be sparse with their offerings rather than making a multitude of mediocre wines. They have opted for only 3 wines: gewürztraminer, chardonnay and a cab/merlot blend.  Lets see what I thought of them.


Gewürztraminer: any reader knows that I love these wines and they rate right up there with a good Riesling to me. I define 2 basic styles to me: Alsatian and California. The Alsatian is round and generally VERY peppery. California's are like Cali, mellow smooth with just a hint of spice. This is similar to the Fume situation. Thier's is California in style. Tso loved it and I liked it a lot. It was smooth, slightly spicy and basically there. APP didn't care for it as he has become an Alsatian snob. That's ok cos he got that from me. This is a really good wine that I would happily serve. Think Cali and that's this.



Chardonnay: this one is unoaked and fresh nice and I like it. I could drink this one. Again Cali like. I can really get into Chardonnay as long as the oak is kept away or used sparingly. Again crisp nice and not very heavy. A keeper.


Merlot/Cab: it was rather hot when I tried this but it was really nice. Fruity and just not lumpy. I didn't buy any as it was only about tem million degrees and I just couldn't do a red then. I'll be back so I'll get some in the fall.



I like their labels, wine, people and the whole setup. I was made to feel good by the staff and I would really wish some other wineries could pair down their offerings a bit to get to just the good stuff.

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