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D’Angelo – Wednesday April 18th, 2007

July 26, 2008

I am always happy when I see something get better.


I have always liked D'Angelo's wines. This is the place for red lovers as there aren't many whites to be found here. All the wine seem to have a lot of nose and flavor, but aren't 'in your face'. They are typically aged far longer than most (in this case they were from 2002) and when aerated they really open up.


Well of late the winery was not what it was or could be. Service at the store was poor and there just wasn't any buzz.


Tso and I stopped by on Saturday, as we had been told that the winery was relaunching. We found it much improved over our last visit. The counter service was much better and the wine is as good as ever. I just wish Sal would make a Pinot again. His is/was soo special and you just know when you get some. It has a nose and color that is 'his'.


Only 3 reds are available, a Chambercin, a Cabernet Franc and a Foch Well, I would skip the Chambercin and go straight to the Foch and the Franc as they are both just so much better. Lots of nose and taste. I bought 2 of each so a review will be forthcoming.Don't get me wrong, the Chambercin isn't a dog it just isn't as good.


The surprise is that Sal is making a white wine. Well he offers 3, all Vidals, but of course they are all related to his ice wine. A standard, a late harvest and in ice wine form the triumverant. The ice wine is very nice, full of flavor and without that sticky thick taste that I see too much of in Niagara. We bought a Late Harvest and had it with desert. It was really really nice and is really the better value. It's about 80% of the ice wine and as such was very enjoyable and of course not nearly as sweet.


Can it be improved….yes quite a bit. It really needs a general clean up and a sprucing up of the store, but it is way better than it was so I am not complaining as the wine tastes so nice.

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