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CREW Cab Merlot – Very Nice – Tuesday October 24th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Well I'm finally re-tasting this fine wine. Earlier in the summer I made it to Colchester Ridge and was very happy with their whites. As it was about 150 f that day, a red just didn't do it for me. I picked a couple up about 6 weeks ago had one and now the second and I am certainly happy. Oopps, I've just been joined by Sasce the feline assassin so any mistakes are her fault. She's a cute little kitten who has allowed me to enjoy the wonderful world of catupuncture. Now, if she could only hit the right points…. What is really funny is that she already has rule of the house and I have a 40 lb corgi.


Back to the wine. as usual I had it with dinner which was a seasoned rib steak, sweet potatoes, fennel and carrots all grilled. Music is Physical Graffiti by Zeppelin (of course). Why am I listening to something dome by someone still alive??? Well I heard a Condi Rice interview and she said she liked Zeppelin and well if its good enuff for Condi, its good enuff for me.


As you know I decant and aerate all of my reds. I feel that this is of the utmost importance as it allows one to really taste the wine. It is softened and mellowed . I find that there isn't enuff aroma but I will trade that for taste.


Oh don't tell me they let the Clydesdales on the field. If Maggs hits it into a Bud patty is that a ground rule double???? Opps, that's baseball.


The wine, the wine. well this is bigger than the usual wine I like, but man was it able to stand up to the steak. Very nice. Still tannic and  a nice big flavour. Again, I like Pinots, but I like this. Can't see if it has legs as my glass has a lot of fingerprints.. sorry.

The smell is just so merlotee, just like jam, again, nice. I really like this wine and I think they hit it good. This wine was/is the biggest change when aerated that I've seen ( from lens anyway). It absolutely changes its character. It fluffs up. Softens and just gets much better.


Well back to taste. It's a wee but big and chewy for me BUT if I am having a steak, moose, elk or any other large critter piece, I could/would be very happy with this wine. I taste the fruit with all the jammy stuff Merlot is supposed to give you. Drink alone, of course, but I would rather have a Pinot, but with a moose or bison roast this would be really good. I may still go for a good Pinotage from South Africa with anything wild ( I just love the combination) but I commend Colchester Ridge for this beautiful wine. Remember folks, they just opened so as good as this is they will get better.


I think my Yankee Golf Buddy ( now YGB) would like this one. It's big, bold and chewy.


Congratulations, my friends, as I am liking another grape combination I wouldn't try 2 yrs ago. and aint that what's this is all about.

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