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Cider Update – Sunday June 29th, 2008

July 26, 2008

Man, I’ve been working too hard lately, but 3 of 4 carboys of cider have now been bottled and all indications are very positive. 

We intend to open some Perry this evening after dinner. For non-decedents of the West Country, like me, Perry is pear cider. This was real hard work as the pears broke my press and I had to do emergency repairs. Next year, I will let them get very soft prior to pressing.

Well it was clear bright and had a wonderful smell. Add the secondary fermentation and I will have a wonderful sparkling cider. Oh yes it should be about 11%.

First carboy of cider is basic with a sugar secondary charge Todays has about a dozen bottles with raspberries and six with red currents from our garden. Oh yes, four with honey. An experiment yes, but should be good. Next batch will be done with caramel to get a dark cider. Fun Fun as long as they don’t explode. All natural and relying on alcohol to preserve it. Just like the old days.

So far, batch 1 of cider is good but lots of sediment….we did that one with a juicer and won’t do that again. Batch 2 was peach done with a juicer….it was a disaster but id drinkable and at 10% alcohol its a beast…its ok but, I may cook with it. We bought a press after that fun. Batch 3 was 2 bushels of pears and 11 of apple so I guess I will not be buying Strongbow this year. All fruit was local from Ruthven.

I will let you know how it goes…I’m knackered.

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