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Check Out These Places – Monday February 26th, 2007

July 26, 2008

I am really into supporting local business and like to spread the word when I find one that is doing something good for the area, something different. Well I found 2 more on Saturday.

I was spending the weekend a Tso's place and all I could hear was that “ Going to the Country” song as I was driving out there. Well, we had to take Vlad to the puppy salon on Saturday so we decided to stop at two spots on the way back, which I am so glad we did.

The first was a spot I bet you, like me, have driven past a thousand times while on the bypass. It is that awful yellow building on the south side of hwy 3 around Essex. It's actually called Zack's Li'l Old Fish Shack”. Looks are deceiving as it is basically an outlet for a fisherman from Wheatly. You got it, fresh off the boat lake fish. We were in nirvana as we saw pickerel, perch, buffalo(can they swim??) and all that good stuff caught that day, We got some frozen perch as there wasn't any fresh but man it was good. I will be going back. As a certified “dazzling urbanite” I thought I would have to go to the docks and haggle. This is convenient and I like that.

The second is another keeper. I had driven past this place before but was usually dazzled by the fact that someone was growing grapes in Maidstone, on Talbot Street, so the impact of this place missed me. If you are a chocoholic like me, run do not walk to Saldary. It is a wonderful chocolatier. I am simply in aw of what they make. I didn't even know it existed, but now that I do I will be back. THIS IS REAL CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! It's in the old post office, kinda close where rd 34 runs into the bypass and it is real cute and Ms. Chocolate is a very nice person who really seems to enjoy what she is doing. I am drinking some funky tea I bought there and man is it good too. They are not afraid to experiment and if you like obviously handmade truffles, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Get there before they raise their prices and enjoy.

Add these two to Jim Approved retail outlets. They are my local food, local artisan stuff that we all should support as they increase our quality of life.

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