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Bubbly Happiness – Wednesday August 22nd

July 26, 2008

I was very lucky to get a pre-production bottle of a wine that I really think will have a definite impact on the perception of the quality of this wine region.


The wine is a'Dorah, a sparkling wine from Mastronardi. I should be available this weekend…maybe next… and if you are into bubbly buy a case, its that good.


Terry and I had it on Monday night when I went over for dinner. I just can't drink champagne alone so its not my usual review…no music, no food but excellent company so that makes up for it. I brought two types of glasses: a flute and a hollow stem just to get a varied visual.


First, the bubbles. They are very small numerous and release over time, just as they should. A very nice picture.


The aroma is fresh and smells like a good champagne should…For a Frenchie, I prefer Mumm's Extra Dry. I tried to like Heidsieck since it was Winston Churchill's fav, but I'll stick with Mumm's.


I got that tickle from the bubbles…nice.


Now the taste. Terry noted that it reminded her of their Ice Wine (which is a Gold Medal winner)…and that's great since she raves about it. She loved it.


The wine to me had great mouth feel. This is important to me in champagne and this one felt right. It was smooth and voluminous, or fluffy. The taste was wonderful. There was an initial taste of a light grape and fruit then it finished slightly sweet. It left a wonderful slight sweetness just for a little bit.


The carbonation was not overdone. It lacks the harshness that many bubblies have( I think this is due to big bubbles and too many of them) so it tastes as a much more expensive wine than it is ( I don't know what the price will be, but it is that good). We enjoyed it till the end.


One other note is the use of Portuguese on the label. To me this is refreshing: I'm tired of the faux French names for wine and the names all have meanings. It causes me to remember my days in Toronto when I the carpenter foreman tried to teach me Portuguese ( he tried but I'm no linguist) and about Portuguese wine (that stuck as I really love them). Boy reminiscing is fun, but this is one great wine. I would happily serve this to anyone and it is much better than many French Champagnes that I have had.


So head to Ruthven and get some while they still have it. I didn't try it against others as I feel it should be a singular event, but we had some Friexenet at an engagement party on Saturday and the a'Dorah simply blows it away. Nuff said.

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