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Brrrr! – Tuesday February 6th, 2007

July 26, 2008

So much for global warming. It's so cold out that I just don't want to leave my house. Tailor made to watch a nice movie. And since I'm such a nice guy, I am going to give wine choices to go with some of my favorite movies. Don't worry, I am not including such classics as: Killer Clowns from Outer Space, or that Canadian content special, Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter. Yes this film exists and guess what?? I bet our tax dollars paid for it along with the sequel of sorts which featured zombies and masked wrestlers.

I am going to start with one of the best films of all time. It is funny, intelligent, insightful and won four Oscars. The film is 1977's “Annie Hall” by Woody Allen. It was so good that it had women dressing like Dianne Keaton and me dressing like Woody for years. I actually love this movie and choosing a wine is very easy. A natural choice is “Summer Sun” by Erie Shores. It is light happy, but has so many qualities and isn't the least bit pretentious, just like the movie. Add some nibbly bits and this will be a nice evening.

My second selection takes us to merry old England. This is an obscure movie starring Mickey Rourke. This is 1987's “A Prayer for the Dying”. Mickey plays an IRA hit man who is trying to go straight but does one more hit to get fake papers so he can get to the states. He is a real bad guy, but has a soft side and basically tries to makes amends for his past. In spite of this there's a lot of whacking going on. Well Guinness would be a real good choice but this is a wine blog. My choice would be Pelee Island 2000 Cabernet Franc. This red is very oaked and as such has a smoky sense to it. Well Mickey smoked like a chimney in the movie, so the wine goes with the movie. It also has a dark, brooding side which works too. Tso loved this wine and so do I. I really like this movie too. Sooooooo.

My third movie suggestion is Francis Ford Coppola's “Apocalypse Now: Redux”. This is a classic film noir based on Joseph Conrad's “In the Heart of Darkness”: a great book. Now Redux is a long film but I feel the added scenes are very interesting and add to the movie. The film is dark, exotic and full of southeast Asian intrigue. Well my choice is based on 2 things: first, Kurtz is a German name and second, it goes well with Asian food. My choice would be a Gewürztraminer, possibly from Colchester Ridge or Pelee Island. Now Coppola makes wine and I bet some would work, but basically with this film, food is important as its like 4 days long and pho may be a good choice. Well Gewürztraminer goes well with that so there's my choice.

Since I am on a war theme my fourth film is another classic. Braveheart is above all, a touching love story chronicalling 3 couples that all tended to end bad. First, Wallace's wife is whacked by an Englishman which causes him to act out. He was sad and emotional and probably needed Dr. Phil's help. He then meets the future Queen of England. She falls hard for him and does everything she can to help him out. He father's her child, kills a lot of Englishmen but cannot raise their child since he was drawn and quartered. So sad. The third love story involves Longshanks' son, who will be King and his advisor. Unfortunately, it ends sadly when Longshanks tosses the lad out a window. A truly touching scene. Well my choice for a wine would be for the poor Queen, as she was married to a queen, so I would suggest a Bordeaux style wine. Not only would it be similar to what she drank in France it would resemble the blood spilled by Longshanks' soldiers. To this I suggest a full bodied red such as Sanson's “Bird Dog” or Smith and Wilson's “Double Barrel”. Both would fit the bill quite well.

Moving back to North America, specifically, New Jersey, I suggest a classic starring Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Lorraine Bracco. Yup, you got it!! “Goodfellas”. A film about male bonding and whacking people. Just the sort of happy movie that uplifts the soul. The choice of wine for this one is a “no brainer”. How could you drink anything other than a Sangiovese. A nice Chianti would do fine. I bet that's what mom served when Joe went there to get a knife and she fed them. A touching scene and he borrowed the knife to remove a deer hoof from his grille. Poor Bambi. I know we don't make this wine but this movie is great.

To end this six pack of movies, we will cross the Atlantic for a film that Ronald Regan was cast for the lead. Fortunately, someone got there senses together and replaced Ron with Humphrey Bogart. Add Sidney Greenstreet, Claude Raines, and Ingrid Bergman and low and behold, we go to Vichy North Africa and we have “Casablanca”. Filmed in 1942, Rick, an American meets his old flame Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) and does the right thing. Claude Rains is exceptional, as fairly crooked Captain Renault. Now Renault just makes this movie. Catch all the cynical, sarcastic, one liners and its just hilarious. Rick is great but Renault makes this movie superb. For this I would suggest Sprucewood's Pinot Noir. The wine is light enough to keep you alert but is complex enough to interest. Just like the movie. The plot isn't great but there is enough body from the performances and direction to make this a wonderful experience. Add the two together and there will be a real fun time.

Well you have my 5 star choices. I think I have done you all a service since its too cold to do anything but hunker down. Any of these combos would be a winner. Enjoy!!

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