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Bacchus Made Me Write This – Tuesday July 15th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Call it divine inspiration. I was walking past my wine and this bottle slid out. I said a bad word and rushed to save my baby. Is it ok? Not hurt baby? Ah she was fine.

What was it? A Muscedere 05 Canadian Oaked Chardonnay. Was Bacchus speaking to me? Well since they refuse to bottle the new Chardonnay, I will review this one again.

This wine, was the subject of a top secret review last year. I managed to obtain (or steal) a lickbo sample. Not final production but oh so nice. This one was a production sample.

Music tonight is Joe Jackson ‘Two Rainy Nights'. Its a live album from 2002 and is wonderful.

Dinner was Berkshire pork chops grilled with a wee bit of herbes de provence, new potatoes smashed with alot of butter and rosemary and fresh local corn. Pork from Wheatly, corn from down the street, and potatoes from Murray’s (also down the street). Local is good. My god, an Essex County meal….I wasn’t trying btw.

Now the wine:

A wonderful straw/gold color. Very inviting. The wine just hangs on the glass then falls in nice rivulets…..a good sign.

So far so good but how does it smell? You smell the oak for sure but it is nice and soft, then vanilla and pears, apples so nice. I could just smell it all night.

The mouth feel is wonderful, thick soft…it just feels good. I get the oak, but apples on the after taste. Butter, lot of butter oh this is nice. There is a little acid (good). A bit of mineral on the finish and a nice warmth of the alcohol. A wonderful wine.

This wine just makes me happy. The last time I had it I was powerless (merci enwin) and drinking it in the rain. This is much better.

With the food it held up very well. It mated with the pork and brought out its best attributes. Very enjoyable. Terry thinks the new one couldn’t have done as well, but how can I be sure as the new isn’t bottled yet!

Well this one is sold out, but Bacchus has had his way. E-mail Fabio and beg him to bottle the new one…offer to help bottle it too!!!…Terry did… as it is very good and needs to be enjoyed and if you have some of this 05 try it and enjoy.

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