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Another One – Thursday September 20th, 2007

July 26, 2008

I apologize for tasting another Cabernet Franc, but as you know, I truly believe that this may be the best red wine produced in the area. I love it and it is very terroir friendly, that is it tastes like the dirt. I like that a lot.


Tonight I really wanted a BIG BIG wine and had hoped to find a biggie from View Pointe, but for some reason it isn't there…..Terry, oh Terry.

But anyway in my search I found something very interesting so here we go. It's an 02 Cabernet Franc Reserve from Colio. Now I never implied that Colio can't make good wine because they can, but at times I find the staff there a wee bit wanting. I was there and a wonderful lady spent time with me and showed me just how good they can do. Then Terry and I go and were told this "I would learn more about the wine if they paid me more". Oi that just is not acceptable. We haven't been back since. When will these wineries get it through their heads that people like us are into the experience and if we are treated poorly we won't open our wallets. Pelee Island does not have this problem, nor do the other wineries I've been to, here and Peninsula Ridge just don't get it.


Now back to the wine. The aroma is very nice. It is earthy with dark fruit, just like I like.


The taste, well it is very nice. There are strong tannins for a Cab Franc but it isn't overoaked. I taste the oak. This is a big big Cab Franc and I like it. It stood up to a steak very well. This wine is very plummy, which is very nice…good earthy tones that I just love. This would form the backbone of a great Meritage.


The un-aerated version is radically different…much fresher more grapey, less earthy. The aroma was just lightened by a mile…interesting.


Taste is totally different. I find it rather dead and lifeless. The tannins seem to back off and I just like the aerated version so much more. So I'll end it here.


Aerated I find this wine very food friendly and I like it, unaerated it is very normal. That sums it up. It's a nice wine from a good winery which is very very successful. I really want to try the high end line and like Pelee they are able to make a good wine. Forget the LCBO general list and you will find the reserves much much better.

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