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And Now For Something Entirely Different – Sunday May 6th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Well its Sunday afternoon and I thought I would write this as I will be unavailable for a few days. No jail is not involved. I have a wine tasting tomorrow and Tuesday is a dinner with a friend, so today it is.


The wine today is “Ridge Red” from Erie Shores. Erie Shores is in Colchester on the inland side of County Rd 50 just maybe a mile west of Erie Street which is the road out of Harrow. They have really tried to market their winery as they run ads on CKLW, write a newsletter and have numerous events thru the year. I have to admit that I really enjoy going here and that this wine may have been added to the last case I bought. Alma and Harvey run the winery and are really nice people. I have them to thank for me getting into the local wines as Alma spent a lot of time one day explaining to Tso, T&C and I about how the heat units here allow for the wine to be good. It was quite nice especially after one winery in Niagara's nastiness and Erie Shores was the first winery we went to on our tour. Again, I find that these wines match the character of the vintners. They are nice people, who get customer relations. The wines are friendly, easy to drink and are priced right. There is no pretension here.


You have heard me rave about their “Summer Sun” and their Riesling, but their reds are good too. This one is a Baco/Chambourcin blend. Well , I guess you also know that I am no Baco fan and I also tend to pass on Chamboucin too.


The nose is Baco and all that Baco gives me. Very earthy tones and some oak. Very deep and dark.


The colour is deep deep red. The taste is quite different than I had anticipated. I expected the typical big Baco taste, but the addition of the Chambourcin has mellowed it out quite a bit. If I can remember their Baco it has less earthy tones than most, but was still a big wine. Tso's first description of this was that it was big and chewy. We had be turning some game hens and fighting with artichokes while quaffing some, no a lot of, Cabernet Sauvignon: Sanson's, Wagner's and a South African. All were really good and the locals competed well and may have been better than the pricey South African. Well the Ridge Red would be big against those, but those are big whites too.


Taste wise, I still get the Baco taste, but toned down. Along with it I get oak. The tannins are there and the taste lingers long after drinking. I tend to like lighter fruitier wines but Big Wines like this have their place. I find Baco's dark and this one is less dark which to me makes it far more enjoyable.


If you like Baco's you will definitely like this one. The Chambourcin has really smoothed it out and made this quite and enjoyable wine even for the likes of me. Serve this with big food (roast or Prime Rib) and it'll be a hit and I find it ok to drink alone also.

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