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Aleksander Cabernet Franc – Wednesday March 28th, 2007

July 26, 2008

I’m sorry I’m rather tardy this week but yesterday was a bad day and I really didn’t want to slag anything due to one little furry female. She’s only a kitten but she is terrible. Tso has nicknamed her tod…trail of destruction. She’s only about 2 pounds but she’s pure evil. Vlad likes her so I guess she stays.

Well I am having some smoked salmon(very smoked). Goat cheese, some dried Italian sausage and cheese with some bread.

Music wise it is John Coltrane’s Dakar. This album is a classic. Simply wonderful.

The wine is from Aleksander. They are one of my favorite winemakers and are just really nice people. Izabel will be/is an all-star. I remember talking to a winemaker in Niagara, who spoke of a winery down here and when we figured it out it was Aleksander and he had was speaking of her. Well dad has made good wine for a while and I just see so much good coming from this winery. They do fruit wine too which I think really sets this area apart.

The wine is their Cabernet Franc. I guess I am predicable, but I like Cab Franc a lot and was really interested in seeing how this one tasted.

I tried it prior to aerating and it was good. It had a lot of flavor and was rather nice. After aerating it became much better, I don’t get a lot of nose but a muted berry flavor. Prior to aerating, I got alot…very strange. The color is the typical clear, claret color.

The taste is very nice. I find this wine very smooth and enjoyable. It is very smooth. Nice berry taste, I’m getting raspberry for some reason. This wine is perfect for food as it isn’t terribly assertive. It would complement a variety of food thus making it very very useful.

I like this wine ans typical of an Aleksander product it is restrained and doesn’t attack. It is cool and laid back, kinda like the family.

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