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Aeration of Your Wine – Monday September 25th, 2006

July 26, 2008
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well this is a reprint of a previous post. its about aeration which to me transforms a wine. i would never willingly drink a red without aerating it. if i can decant it for 4 hrs good or use an aeration funnel and drink right away.

it transformed the Mastrnardi Merlot and makes D'Angelo's Baco-Foch drink far better than the price they give it away for. i think its so important that i am reprinting this one.


tootles, here we go again:::


well i tried to use ms word for the post but i gave up as it was making me capitalize things and i couldn't get rid of that damn paperclip. i just wish wp could be used here.

so here we go.

anyone who knows me knows i love my toys. when it comes to enjoying wine, why not?? well i'll give you my favourite, but first a little rant.

glasses: why do i need a separate glass for each wine??? i fully understand that it would be bad to drink dom out of a dixie cup, but i find it hard to believe that a glassware company can design a glass specifically for each wine. i love the marketing but come on. we lived for years with red, white and champaign glasses. i guess i'm missing something. i manage to break so many that my table would look like an orphanage. i like the stemless glasses but i really like the knockoff brands who are 2 bucks a glass.

now for my fav. it the airation funnels. seen one of these??? tso found them when we went to niagara last year. i scoffed at the idea until i tried the difference. i bought one on the spot.

the basic concept is to airate the wine just like you would if you decanted it for several hours but you do it instantaneously. for a wine pig like me this is great. i'm kinda impatient. 

there are several styles so i will try to discuss the ones i've used.

welfare mother: take a freezer bag and use it like a pastry bag. pick a corner and poke several holes around the corner, pour wine in it and watch the sprinkler. this works remarkably well but you need a pitcher to cath the spray. this is a great way to test the theory and/or shame the boyfriend into buying you one.

i have a wmf stainless steel one. it resenbles a funnel with the base blanked off and holes put around the perimiter above the blanked off end. mine has a short tube, but this is great for my decanter. mine is a modern type and as such it doesn't have much of a neck so i wanted the wine to be spayed to the side of the decanter asap. it works great

if you have a captain's type decanter a longer stemmed funnel can be used. i ended up buying tso a french one with a real small diameter tube and it works really well– better tham mine and half the price.

there are avariety of style, from pewter to glass to stainless and the price is all over. i would avaoid expensive ones as i'm cheap and i just don't see the added utility. try to find one with multiple holes rather than a slot — holes create more surface area therefore more airation therefore more smoothing out.

there is another variety which i own and one which i would definitely have if i ran a restaurant or winery. its called final touch and its a glass device which goes into the bottle like a pourer and airates as you pour. its real handy but does about 80% of a funnel/carafe combo.

for red wine the results are amazing. it improves the enjoyment of the wine about 75%. you can drink cheaper wines and better wines are just so much better, i just won't drink a red without airating it first. if you doubt me go buy a bottle of inexpensive red(or anything you have on hand) and make a welfare mother funnel. pour off a glass then decant the rest thru the freezer bag and taste the difference. you can thank me later, enjoy the wine and all your potential savings. do this on a tuscan and life is very good.

i've shared a secret of mine, enjoy. 

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