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A Wonderful Wine – Wednesday March 12th, 2008

July 26, 2008

The weather outside was awful… ok I won't sing the rest, but it was last weekend, so we decided to cook. It only took us 8 tries to get out of the driveway (after we paid Myles and Josh 20 to clear it). It was so nice having the grocery store to ourselves and we found some sale lamb so a leg it was.

Basic, classic with spikes of garlic implanted, salt, pepper, olive oil and herbes de provence. Just soooo nice with lamb. I have a new favourite celebrety chef, but I didn't have 3 days to prep and cook, so I started real low and slow for a while then I turned it up a wee bit. It was just so tender and unxious. So nice.

Why did I follow Heston on this? Well, I wanted a bottle of Marynissen 2003 Cabernet. An '03 it wasn't rushed and was allowed to be good, like Heston's chicken. This is a classy wine, from one of my favourite wineries. Its across the road from Inniskillen, but its way better. This is real wine made the right way. It is big, tannic but not overdone. This is the way wine should be.

An aside is that the have a winery cat. This cat has the run of the place and is (as I am told) rather mean. A cat that hangs in the wine rack …. bottles are move so that the feline can get to the pillow. A good sign for me. Along with that the winery isn't 'special', It isn't a castle, its a place to make wine. And having 35 year old vines doesn't hurt either.  

Aroma, well I smell oak and dark fruit….like black prune plums…oh don't go there …. prune plumbs are beautiful, I love them when the are in season. Terry smells: 'drink me'.

It is dark and red and wonderful. It just hangs in the glass in its darkness. This wine has legs. I just enjoy the smell and the look. It's dark thick but it smells like it looks, good..good.

The taste. There is an envelopement of taste. It grows and lingers, I taste oak and wonderful things. I am just amazed how big this becomes. Its not big in the 'blow our head off' big this just grows.

I taste the oak but there is so much more. There are all types of notes, Tannins…yes the are there…oh my tongue feels them…but it is so nice. Oh this is dark, just so dark…black…wonderful. Dark fruit…..these grapes must have been black.

The wine held up to and added to the food. Oh yes, roast lamb. Just as my new pal, Heston does, I roasted it low and slow…not 5 days but, it works. The lamb was rich and soft and the wine just grew with it. Aided not overpowered. This wine is just so food friendly. The food needs body to go with it, but the lamb just worked with it. Complimentary, not overpowering……this wine is made well, the old way. I wouldn't have this with sole, but with real meat …nirvanna.

BTW aerate this puppy, it needs time to bloom and you will be rewarded.

Wonderful simply wonderful.

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