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A Wonderful Wine – Thursday August 2nd, 2007

July 26, 2008

I never intended to write a review tonight, but 1 sip of this wine changed my mind.


Methinks I haven't spoken enough about Aleksander in the past. They are a small winery in Ruthven and they are really nice people who happen to make great wine.


Tonights wine is Late Autumn Riesling. Its slightly sweet and round and unctuous. This wine is one I really like.


The aroma is wonderful. I am not sure what lichees smell like but if they smell like this wine they are wonderful. It has the exotic overtones which I look for and is just pleasant.


Nice and golden it just looks lovely in the glass.


Taste…well its wonderful. Round, fresh and the taste just lingers. A little citrus and just so much fruitiness . I just love it. I get hints of melon and all sorts of nice flavors. Mouth feel is just excellent and to those who don't get that you are missing something cos its just so nice..just like a proper pasta.


Serve this one on its own or with smoked salmon or maybe prosciutto and goat cheese.. my I'm getting hungry…..


This was the first wine I had from Aleksander maybe 2years ago and I really like it then as I do now. A wonderful semi-sweet riesling which I think is to die for. Sorry this is a quick one but I felt compelled.

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