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A Wonderful Saturday – Tuesday July 31st, 2007

July 26, 2008

Saturday was a wonderful day. Not too hot nor was the sun oppressive. Got up early so that Terry and I could take the yute to his parade, as he is in a marching band. And I just hate parades but hey…ya gotta show up, so we were in Kingsville, so I thought…there is a pier here with a fish outlet……John and Linda told us to go there and since their fish is so good we thought we would give it a try. So its pickerel and perch for dinner tonight with some local corn… yum yum. Since we were in Kingsville, I thought we needed some Sauvignon Blanc to go with the fish and since Pelee Island was right there, we went to the winery and got some more of the “Ladies”. The wine consultant saw us and had us try the Shiraz and boy that was good. Didn’t get any, but the new stuff has a future.

Well, while we were waiting for the parade (Terry failed to tell me that we had to drop the yute off an hour early) we had talked to an orchard guy who said he had #2 peaches. Big deal right!! NOPE, we could make peach cider..hey why not..So we went there and well Terry got us lost, and nobody was there, so we found someone down the street and got some from her. This would be very interesting. I also found “corn water wine”. The corn water wine is very strange but we may try that too. Hey why not and if you can use the corn water to make wine after you cook the corn….. that my friends is free. It may taste awful and I might have to lose some teeth but it would be good to laugh about.

Now. After all this, we were knackered, so we sat down on the deck and had a bottle of wine. Terry had been looking forward to trying this particular wine since we had bought it last week.

The wine is Viognier from Smith and Wilson. Well, it was very nice. Like all S & W wines it is very smooth with no nasty bits. The worst I can say is that is has sins of omissions rather than commission which is really much better than sins of commission.

The nose is not pronounced, but Terry and I noted tones of citrus fruit. I smelled hints of lime for some reason. It was very nice and again absolutely nothing nasty.

The initial taste was on of a nice smooth happy wine. This is no Pouilly Fuisse, but it really shouldn’t/couldn’t be. Terry went gaga over this wine. She feels that after Summer Sun, this is her favorite “on the deck summer wine”. For her to say that is big time.



 I found the taste to have hints of citrus and a nice fruity flavor. The mouth feel was excellent, as it had that nice round feel I really like and has it done with technique rather than sweetness. In all a very nice bottle of wine.

In all honesty, I tend to have avoided this grape in the past since most that I have had were very underwhelming…kinda like Chanbourcin, but S & W have really done a wonderful job with this wine. Though not sophisticated, it is a great wine to have around the pool or on the deck. I would happily serve it with seafood and mild chicken dishes. Treat it like you would Vinho Verde and life will certainly be good. And I guess that that sums up what I feel about this wine. It’s like a local Vinho Verde and coming from me that is an extremely high complement.

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