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A Wine That Cheered Me Up – Wednesday June 14th, 2007

July 26, 2008

I am over the hump at work so I am trying to de-stress a wee bit. Then of course I open my freezer and lo and behold there isn't much ice in it as I had a bun cause my door to stay a wee bit open.Well ~ 25lbs of now raw meat in the bin… I am stressed again.


But then again, I am drinking a great bottle of wine, so life is better. I had fish…pickerel(local nirvana) ..and so needed some music to go with it. Great Big Sea fits the bill perfectly. Its great music from “The Rock” and was recorded live in Halifax(fishin music…not really… its great Celtic stuff)). I haven't watched the dvd yet but I think I have watched this show and it was great . This is our heritage music and man its hard not to smile and want to dance. Sir Rodney, has a cousin in a Cape Breton band which I cannot pronounce whom I may like better but this is great.


The wine….oh yes I forgot. Its Mastronardi's Gewürztraminer. Yes, we all know that I have a Gewurtz jones and this one makes me smile. Again, I see two types. The Alsace version which is round, spicy and tastes sweet but is dry and the California style which is crisp and not very spicy. Kinda what they do to Sauvignon Blanc. This one is in the Alsace camp.


It has great mouth feel. Its round and has a slight sweetness…perception is quite sweet but I know its not. There are all the citrus hints then the pepper as it goes down the throat. This is one I really like. The taste just lingers for a while again just as I like it. I get pineapple in the nose and at one point petrol but I think that was illusory as that aroma I just don't get.


It went great with the pickerel. I used the fish nazi's coating(very lightly) and sauted it in grapeseed oil. With it I had a store salad which I made a lemon/olive oil vinaigrette for. The wine picked up on the citrus in the meal and went swimmingly. This wine would shine with shrimp(managed to stay frozen in my freezer..YEAH BABY!!!) marinated in limoncello/oregano/olive oil and pepper and grilled…yummy .


Boy I just love this wine. No Sophia Loren stomping grapes( if I visualize this as I drink a wine it is my 100 score) but its close. If Great Big Sea let loose with some bagpipes right now it may get me there.


I have been accused of being a homer on our wine but WE ARE WINNING ALOT OF AWARDS!!!!! and if we keep up this level of quality we will be a premier wine area. We can never beat out Napa but I really think we will be the 'next' region and wines like this one will get us there.


It cheered me up and isn't that the point of it.

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