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A Nice Find – Tuesday October 23rd, 2007

July 26, 2008

Well, the move has begun. I am moving to Terry’s in a slow and controlled fashion. As such I can say that I am still a west ender and will leave kicking and screaming. Since, I am not at my house full time I decided that I really need to move my valuables first. That is my wine and my stereo.
It amazed me on just how much wine I had on hand and just how heavy it is. Well its all moved (I hope!!) and during the move I managed to find a gem that I forgot I had.
This wine is a Kacaba 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon. I bought this after my friend Joe’s funeral and it was a trip that he would have been proud of. His funeral was in Hamilton, on a Friday, so Terry and I spent the rest of the day in Niagara. She had never met Joe, but I knew that this was a fitting wake for a great friend.
Kacaba is on the Bench and is a very small winery. The building was rather similar in size to Erie Shores and the tasting room was nice. I imagine they have a new building by now owing to the awards they have won.
We were met by a middle aged fellow who wasn’t totally thrilled by greeting guest. Strange I thought, who is this guy??? Well, he was the winemaker and he led us through his product. I bought a case of overstock and this bottle of ‘02. It was a pleasure to spend about an hour with him and drinking his wine.
Terry and I had this wine with dinner last night. The music was……oopps, my stereo isn’t set up yet, so I forced her to watch the end of the Liverpool game I taped Saturday while moving. So, no music.
The food was just good comfort food. Ham, scalloped potatoes and broccoli. The wine was fine with this and just went with the flow. The ham was salty and this just didn’t bother the wine.
The nose was nice and fresh. That’s the best way I can describe it. This wine had the ease of a good Pinot.
The taste was wonderful. It was smooth and light and BIG. Yes big and rather light. There was no harshness and it looked like a heavy Pinot, not black like some Cabs. There was a lot of fruit and just a lot of goodness. Verrrry smoooth.
To make a quick comparison to a local wine isn’t really fair. This wine is an ‘02 and costs about double the locals do. Also it seems to me that the Niagara reds are just lighter than those down here. I assume that this is due to the heat. Their Pinots tend to be better, at least there are a lot more and our big reds are much bigger than theirs, more full bodied. I like the differences.
So its back to my house tonight, and hopefully I won’t find more wine…..or maybe it would be good if I did.

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