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A New Word For You – Monday April 23rd, 2007

July 26, 2008

Another wonderful weekend which I spent in the wonderful metropolis of Northridge about ½ mile from the Dairy Freeze.

Tso and I managed to bottle my stout and start the creation of my cider. More on that after I get a report from Tso re: Mt Cidersuvius. Well my directional ability shone brightly as I thought the apple orchard in Mersea was near Point Pelee so we went for lunch at Paula's. Well the scheduling effect was dramatic so I could buy no wine, but we had Grolsch (bought for bottles) and went back to Ruthvenish area for the apples.


What is the relevance…….I don't know except that I wanted to go to a winery by Tso's and its either Aleksander or Mastronardi. So tonight I opened a bottle from Ruthven's finest or second finest winery(depending who you like better that day) Mastronardi.


The winery is basically directly across the street form Colosanti's. I suggest that you go to the winery prior to walking the the goat pen, poop just doesn't go well with wine.


I had a revelation after I had the Cabernet Franc from Aleksander. The wine reflects the wine maker to such a great degree. The Benbems are cool laid back people and the wine reflects that. Muscedere reflects the though fullness of Rob ( an engineer by the way) and Erie Shores reflects the civility of Harvey and Alma. I'm working on that theory but it seems to be holding up.


So how does the wine here reflect the wineaker here? I don't know because I have not met Ms Leblanc. Her pedigree is long and she can make a wonderful wine. If anyone knows the terroir (dirt for you cityfolk like me) she does. There is a passion at that winery that is obvious. They believe in what they make and shout it from the rooftops. Its good that they make such good wine because if they didn't…oi.


Tonight I am having their 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is deep red and unxious. Yes that is a word.


Music is Kind of Blue, Miles Davis; a wonderful piece that I love. Its on cd which I don't, but I am too lazy to find my vinyl copy. This music is just so cool and I was wanting to put on The Birth of Cool but I found this instead and I will suffer thru it. This is when Miles was at his best and his band was amazing. Do yourself a favour and get a copy….Japanese virgin vinyl would be the best but at ~ $50 US it is rather dear, cd is ok but no mp3 pullleeeese (ok for kid pebble but not real music).


Now dinner was a disappointment. I bought some sirloin tips and I think they came from the loser of the 3rd race. I tried to marinade them in balsamic vinegar and various herbs overnight, but it was a loss. My apologies to Mac whom I should have went to to buy meat. He is a great butcher and if I had bought from him I would be much happier….buy from people you know! Or as Mario Batali says, “get to know your butcher”.


Now to the wine. Deep red and thick like a Cab Sauv should be. I tried some pre-aeration and smelled tobacco, leather, deep red fruit and oak. It tasted wonderful. Very smooth and good tannins to stand up to food. Lots of oak and deep fruitiness. After aeration a revelation. Good before it was wonderful after. The tobacco/leather smell receded to a smooth black fruit smell. Take your pick, they were all there. It did the same thing their Merlot did. The volume seemed to change post aeration giving almost an unxious felling in the mouth. It got thicker and creamier, it seemed to gain volume. Its weird, but a good wine became great. Strong tannins, lots of fruit, and a wonderful smoothness. Though big, it doesn't attack not does it linger, it just fades away nicely. It flows down the throat and the tannins hit and the oak says hello but there is no grab, just good taste.


It held up to a balsamic et al marinated grilled steak no problem. The sweetness of the balsamic gave it issues but it was a fine match, they played well off each other.


I really see this wine as a fine accompaniment to a good meal rather than a drinking wine, BUT remember that I am a Pinot guy so this is a BIG wine for me. Prime Rib would be a natural, so when you want big but beautiful this is a wonderful choice.

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