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A Free Idea to the Vintners – Thursday June 22nd, 2006

July 26, 2008

Why doesn't anyone down here make a sparkling wine? i have been to every winery and have yet to see one.

last weekend we enjoyed some and i couldn't have been happier. i opened a bottle of konzellmann sparkling riesling and it was just beautiful. it had all the attributes of a good bubbly. i think its way better than freix, which i really like. my only regret is that i only bought one bottle when i was at the winery. the taste was simply wonderful; the bubbles were spot on and the right size. they were small and released in that nice way, not the golf ball size ones that explode out of the cheapie ones. i've had sparkling rieslings from alsace and germany and i really like this better. obviously, this isn't dom, but i like it better than several of the french champaigns at newly 1/3 the price and no, i still prefer mumms.

now there are several locals which would be perfect for the beautification project. obviously, the wine has to start off good, so i look to rieslings made by pelee, aleksander or erie to be fine candidates.

as you know, we make the classic champagne grapes down here so we could do a version. theres alot of good chardonnay and a bit of pinot noir so it could be done. it would be totally different, but it may become its own product. if you've had a specific niagara variety which uses ice wine for the secondary charge, you may have seen the light too. now that is a truly canadian product. what could we use here to be special: well how about rasperry ice wine, a personal fav

now here a challenge to allanparkpete– fruitini– now app likes to think that he is a martini guru — well having had ice wine martinis in niagara on the lake, i wonder what app can do with local product; whether the fruit variety or the grape variety 

as an aside; i find ice wine too sweet, so my first choice would be a late harvest riesling — no, not what you think — in niagara they sell this as 2nd pressing ice wine– yes after the frozen grapes are pressed there is still alot left in them and when they defrost a little, they are re-pressed and the result is a little drier, thinner version of ice wine– i like it alot better than regular ice wine and i think this would make a fine fruitini. use iceberg vodka and voila, a truly canadian drink.

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