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A Fine Little Kitty – Tuesday August 14th, 2007

July 26, 2008
An announcement……I will be a featured speaker at the Wine Fest at Fort Malden……They just won't put me on the website( I wanted to use a picture of Sean Connery but they wouldn't let me so that'll be me) so Ill be on Saturday at 4:30 so if you are there grab a glass and join me.


Topic will be Essex County Wine 101….thats why I wanted the awards cos that's what I want to start with.





This is a rather big red from Sanson Estate Winery. If you are wondering it's on Walker Rd past MacGregor. They make some very good wine so you should check it out.


Music is Tony Bennett with the Count Basie Band and its digital so the sound is bad but the music is great. What a smooth voice. It goes very well with the wine.


I partnered this wine with a grilled steak, mashed potatoes and fresh corn local cut from the cob and sauted in butter. All very nice.


This wine is quite big but rather nice. Like all of Sanson's red it is of the Bordeaux style and just works well with steak. Take this wine as a little brother of 'Bird Dog' which to me is an excellent, excellent bottle of red.


The aroma is wonderful. Lush dark berries and hints of oak and something else. It may be a dark earthy smell kinda like leather. The color is deep red and man it has legs so overall a beautiful wine.


I really taste the oak, but it isn't over oaked but it is there. The tannins are nice and strong and my tongue is tingly but I can drink this sans food. After aeration I get what I often get…the tastes mute out and meld much more. The taste is of an mature wine….its an 01 by the way…this melds so much nicer than a 1 yr old (who'd a thunk it).I get a real hint of a really good grape or blackberry jam and very 'old' grapes.


This is a great wine and one I hope they have a lot of. Winter is coming and I see this one with a roast, stew or leg of lamb. Or just enjoy this one by itself.


Post Script: I just had some un-aerated…aroma is night and day…more fruity and smells a wee bit coarser..still nice but not as nice.

Legs still there.

Tannins still there but the wine is brighter, more fruity…lighter. This is really strange as I think these are different wines. Still really nice, but really different. A good wine 'as is' but a great wine aerated.

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