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A Cab to Remember – Monday June 4th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Well since Mozart got me so worked up, I have moved onto some Bach. Brandenburg Concertos. May I begin to slouch and write like William F. Buckley ( I can only dream ok) because I remember watching Firing Line and this was the theme.


I think Bill would like the wine I am drinking. It is the new Mastronardi Cabernet Franc and may I say that I just love it. It went well with the Mozart, but with Bach it is just right.


I had a cheese plate for dinner. A wee bit of fresh goat cheese and some camembert. The Cab Franc held up great and just tasted good. I feel happy right now.


Like other Mastronardi wine, I found aerating it had a world of difference. It was really alive prior to aeration but after it just got better, a wee bit more muted, the nose mellowing out and I could find background hues. What I find funny is that their wines change so much. Please try aerating them and they just go to another level.


The taste just lingers and plays with the back of my throat. It may sound strange but I find this wine rather dark. That isn't a bad thing, as I don't taste anything that just jumps up and grabs me. To me that is a good thing. It means to me that the balance is right.


 No harshness just nice balance. I can taste the tannins but they are not "upfront" nor is the oak. I really like this wine and would recommend it highly. There are more than enough tannins to stand up to food  here yet again they are controlled.


I would serve this with a little lighter fare but wouldn't be scared off with a roast, but I wouldn't smoke it or turn it on the barbeque.


This is an excellent bottle of wine and I am simply enjoying it.

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