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A Cab For All Seasons – Tuesday December 4th, 2007

July 26, 2008

It’s cold and yucky outside so I need some comfort food and since we got a great deal on some ground beef, spaghetti and meatballs it is. Well actually I made Mario Batali’s sauce and my own meatballs and put it on some Tagliatelli. So we needed some wine…well since Mastronardi is such a good Irish name, I felt that the wine should work.


The wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon and one I haven’t had before or at least in ages. Music well it was Sponge Bob but that was changed and music no exist in kitchen and we ate late, so it’s Anthony Bourdain’s travel show which is too cool to miss. He’s a bud of Mario so that makes him cooler. I always wondered who the smartass was – who was always on Malto Mario…well it was Anthony.


This wine is quite dark but not bloodlike. The aroma is very nice…mellow. I usually dislike Cabernets. But this one is quite nice…another preconception hits the deck…oh well. I don’t smell oak but I get the fruit…again I am not good with fruit as I never ate a lot….I grew up poor….naw, that’s not true…I was just starved….no, that’s not true either….it was just the finest of the Anglo/Celtic cuisine for me growing up…fruit..that was candied for fruitcake so I just don’t know my fruit. It smells wonderful though and not at all aggressive.


Taste wise; it is very nice and smooth. The tannins are not assaulting me like some of the Niagara’s I’ve had. Now I taste some oak and some nice fruity tastes. I know I keep going to black fruit but its nice dark fruit and some earthy tones. Use your flavour wheel and choose but this tastes good.


Like the Merlot I tried ages ago this wine has great mouth feel. It has the unxiousness that I don’t get everywhere. It’s like when you use good Parmesan and add it to pasta to get that creaminess…really nice and wonderful.


It held up very nicely to the pasta. Not overpowering but complementary. This is something I get from all their wines. They are nicely restrained and don’t grab you. To me, that’s what I want so this wine is definitely a keeper.

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